FATV bolstered College of Southern Nevada communications to reach their new students and educate them on the SAP policies and standards.


Henderson, NV

School Type:

Community College



Started FATV:



While the Financial Aid Office had their SAP policies and standards posted to their website, college catalog, and student handbook, students professed that they were not aware of the policies prior to being placed on Financial Aid Warning or becoming ineligible to receive financial aid. College of Southern Nevada wanted to help students to understand and hopefully avoid Financial Aid Warning and Suspension.

GetSAP Results:

FATV worked together with College of Southern Nevada Financial Aid staff to develop a proactive communication strategy designed to educate students on SAP. College of Southern Nevada leveraged their existing missing information letter process to encourage students to complete their customized online counseling session. In their first 10 months, over 800 proactive SAP sessions were completed resulting in a 16% increase in students’ knowledge of the SAP policies and standards. The Financial Aid Office is now well on its way to cultivating a student culture that begins with understanding SAP before academic issues arise.

FATV provided us with many ideas for promoting our GetSAP online counseling sessions and reaching the greatest number of students possible. Since we have started using GetSAP, our students have had less questions regarding our policies, and we have reduced our number of disgruntled students who were unaware of the SAP policies until they violated SAP. The reporting tools provided by FATV allow us to track the impact these sessions have on our student’s understanding of the concepts and have solidified these sessions are essential for our student’s understanding of SAP policies and the appeal process.
Vikki Goeke
Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid
College of Southern Nevada


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