FATV enables Pierce College to measure students’ understanding of its SAP policy.


Woodland Hills, CA

School Type:

Community College



Started FATV:



Pierce students were not reading the SAP policy before they got into academic trouble. Pierce College was only communicating the SAP policy via text on its website.


GetSAP Results:

Pierce now invites students to complete an interactive online SAP session through a mass email to their new financial aid recipients. In 2015– 2016, over 600 students completed an interactive GetSAP session. In addition, Pierce College now measures student learning outcomes (SLOs) to confirm students’ understanding of the SAP policy.

FATV's GetSAP product has revolutionized the way we present our SAP policy to students. Since launching our GetSAP Center, we have had amazing usage by our students. In addition, FATV provides comprehensive reporting options for us to track the students completing GetSAP sessions as well as their individual performance. We can also track Student Learning Outcomes. Their customer support has assisted us in analyzing the data and provides creative suggestions for making adjustments to our sessions to improve the student experience and our data tracking
Anafe Robinson
Financial Aid Director
Pierce College


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