FATV enhanced University of Tennessee at Chattanooga award letters through our partnership with CampusLogic.


Chattanooga, TN

School Type:

4-year public university



Started FATV:



University of Tennessee at Chattanooga wanted to raise student and their families’ comprehension of the award letter components.

CampusLogic AwardLetter Plug-In Results:

By embedding videos on key concepts like cost of attendance and difference between grants and loans in their award letter, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga wanted to increase student and family comprehension of the various award letter components. Whether award letters are reviewed via phone, email or student portal, the award letter and its videos scale appropriately for easy user experience.

The FATV plug in for our CampusLogic AwardLetter has to be the easiest implementation we have ever done. All I had to do was select which videos I wanted to use on the award letters and the FATV team and CampusLogic teams took care of the rest. We had no issues whatsoever with the videos. They worked flawlessly from day one. The FATV team provided excellent support and direction throughout implementation which made the process feel so effortless. We have received positive feedback from students viewing the videos. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone interested in providing a more informative award letter for their students.
Jennifer Buckles
Director of Financial Aid
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


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