FATV helped Santa Fe College boost student utilization of campus resources and support services.


Gainesville, FL

School Type:

Community College



Started FATV:



A school survey of students who had dropped out of Santa Fe College revealed that access to financial aid was a key deterrent to persistence.  Based on the survey, Santa Fe College's Strategic Plan articulated a desire to provide students with intuitive and immediate access to resources and information through an engaging technology interface. Santa Fe also wanted to provide communication using varied and accessible means.

GetSAP Results:

In the first 8 months, over 1,700 interactive GetSAP sessions were completed by students. These sessions totaled over 600 hours of online  education. The sessions not only strengthened the students knowledge of SAP, Pell LEU, and the 150% Loan Rule but also connected them to student success resources on campus.  With basic questions about these topics being answered 24/7, the Financial Aid Office has had more time to counsel students with special circumstances or complex processing situations.


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