A customizable interactive online learning platform with engaging content that promotes student self-service and reduces burdens on staff.

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Improve Student Understanding of
Your Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Make Satisfactory Academic
Progress (SAP) Accessible to
your Students

GetSAP transforms your school's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy into a highly engaging, interactive, online video educational experience.

Available 24/7/365


Improve Persistence & Retention

Ensure that students are continually making progress towards their educational goals and persisting until graduation.

Quantify Student Learning Outcomes

Use pre and post testing to measure student learning outcomes and meet your institutional reporting needs.


Reduce Redundancy
& Improve Efficiency

Free up staff resources when communicating
SAP policies to students. Increase the number of completed appeals and reduce the total appeals number.

Identify Learning Challenges

Use custom questions to test student comprehension on all portions of your SAP policy.


What Schools Are Saying

“We use some of the basic videos on our SAP webpages and as part of our online Student Support Center help articles so all students have immediate access to learn about SAP.”

— Chad Sartini, Director of Financial Aid & Veterans' Affairs, Virginia Western Community College

“FATV provided us with many ideas for promoting our GetSAP online counseling sessions and reaching the greatest number of students possible. Since we have started using GetSAP, our students have had less questions regarding our policies, and we have reduced our number of disgruntled students who were unaware of the SAP policies until they violated SAP. The reporting tools provided by FATV allow us to track the impact these sessions have on our student’s understanding of the concepts and have solidified these sessions are essential for our student’s understanding of SAP policies and the appeal process.”

— Vikki Goeke, Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid, College of Southern Nevada

“FATV worked directly with me and my staff to review the comprehension questions and determine how we could best present the material to assist our students.   FATV staff used their experience with other clients to provide us with ideas that we did not think of ourselves and provide our students with the best user and education experience possible.   We now have a new avenue in the form of an interactive, online counseling sessions, in addition to our printed materials, that will boost our student's comprehension of our SAP policy and appeal process.”

— Peggy Loewy Wellisch, Financial Aid Director, Los Angeles Harbor College

“FATV's GetSAP product was extremely easy to implement.  If we are able retain 2 or 3 students by getting them back into Good Standing through the use of the GetSAP Counseling Center, it will pay for itself. ”

— Stephen Andersen, Executive Director of Financial Aid, Georgia Northwestern Technical College

“GetSAP has allowed our students to learn and understand SAP in their own time, 24/7. It is customized to our individual SAP policy, processes, and procedures. I highly recommend this product to anyone!”

— Greg Ryan, Director of Financial Aid, Fullerton College

“This tool has become an essential and educative tool that has been used by our student-body to enrich their knowledge on Satisfactory Academic Progress, as well as basic financial aid procedures. The accessibility of this information and use of this service has broadened our ability to disseminate information to students and their families. I highly recommend this tool to any higher education administrator.”

— Joseph Alicea, Former Director of Financial Aid Services at Hostos Community College (CUNY), Hostos Community College

“FATV's GetSAP product has revolutionized the way we present our SAP policy to students. Since launching our GetSAP Center, we have had amazing usage by our students. In addition, FATV provides comprehensive reporting options for us to track the students completing GetSAP sessions as well as their individual performance. We can also track Student Learning Outcomes. Their customer support has assisted us in analyzing the data and provides creative suggestions for making adjustments to our sessions to improve the student experience and our data tracking”

— Anafe Robinson, Financial Aid Director, Pierce College

Individual Sessions

Reach students at various points in the educational experience.


Proactive Student Track

Start students off on the right track with proper education and training on the importance of SAP policies and federal requirements.

At-Risk Student Track

Intervene when students encounter academic trouble. Help them understand the steps needed and the resources available for your institution to help get them back into good standing.

Appeal Track

Guide students through the appeal process and explain forms and documentation necessary for a successful appeal.

Pell Lifetime Eligibility & 150% Rule Tracks

Teach students how their Pell Grant can max out and their Subsidized Loan can convert to an Unsubsidized one depending on their enrollment patterns.

Learning Formats


Custom Videos

Communicate your school's SAP policies and procedures in an engaging format.


Case Studies

Illustrate for students the implications of SAP requirements and how to meet them.


Interactive Tools

Provide students with formats that promote experiential learning.


Proudly Serving
  • Butte College
  • Santa Fe College
  • Calhoun Community College
  • Georgia Northwestern Technical College
  • El Centro College
  • Los Angeles Harbor College
  • College of Southern Nevada
  • Ventura College
  • San Joaquin Delta College
  • Fullerton College
  • Northern Virginia Community College
  • Bakersfield College
  • Collin College
  • Drury University
  • Virginia Western Community College
  • Pierce College
  • Moorpark College
  • Hostos Community College

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