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May 14, 2015

Sacramento State University Begins 7th Year with Financial Aid TV (FATV)

Online Video Service Improves Student Understanding, Effectiveness of Customer Service, and is a Valuable Tool in Achieving Default Aversion Goals
BOULDER, CO – Financial Aid TV (FATV), a leading supplier of online video solutions for college financial aid offices, announced today a milestone for one of its school partners.
Sacramento State University (Sacramento, CA) is beginning its 7th year of using Financial Aid TV’s customized online video counseling and outreach solutions.
Anita Kermes, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships at Sacramento State University, said: "Sacramento State continues to look for ways we can improve our communication to students and how we can easily convey some of the more complex processes surrounding financial aid.  Working with our FATV client relations manager we learned how quickly and easily we could embed many of the video clips into our web content. This has made our website more dynamic and now offers students a variety of ways to learn about the various aspects of financial aid.  We’ve also used these as a training platform for many of our federal work-study students in the office.”
Kermes added: “FATV is always available and willing to help.  They keep their content up to date and engaging. And frequently release new topics to address ‘the latest’ FAQ or ‘hot topic’ on the horizon.  As an example – we are very excited about the SAP video and can’t wait to enhance our website with this new segment."
“FATV is designed to assist all schools regardless of size, including online distance education programs and traditional brick and mortar institutions. The ability to have questions answered after office hours is a key benefit,” said Paul Burke, VP of Sales for Financial Aid TV.
Schools are deploying FATV in a variety of ways, including:
  • To Improve Customer Service
  • To Reduce Student Wait Times
  • To Reduce Student Phone Calls
  • To Expand SAP Counseling Reach
  • To Improve Default Aversion Efforts
  • To Improve Financial Literacy Efforts
  • To Assist Veterans
For more information on Financial Aid TV and to view a demo, please call 1-888-704-9090 or visit
Financial Aid TV ( is a service of CareerAmerica, LLC, an independent publisher of customizable digital solutions for educational institutions.

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